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Posts with the tag “vision-sunday”

Vision Sunday (Part 4): Serve The City
by Sean Gasperetti on September 1st, 2023
"Living "missionally" doesn't = sneaky evangelism strategy, it's being available always to let the Gospel spill out to anyone, anywhere." A lot of times, the church, relegates mission to a ministry or department. Not so with us. Mission is the overflow of a church that has supplemented it’s faith and is growing in strength. We can’t HELP but serve our city and reach the world.  Read More
Vision Sunday (Part 3): Strengthen The Church
by Sean Gasperetti on August 31st, 2023
I believe we are on a trajectory for healthy growth, I believe we’re positioned in this community for significant impact, and I believe our BEST days are ahead of us. That being said, there are some leadership and structural issues that several of you mentioned (in love) in the all-church survey, and I want to share some exciting updates in this department.  Read More
Vision Sunday (Part 2): Supplement Our Faith
by Sean Gasperetti on August 30th, 2023
Moving forward, what are some of the ways that we anticipate supplementing/deepening our faith in the year to come? As our team reviewed the all-church survey we recently ran, one of the things that came up continuously was that many folks are hungry to grow deeper in their faith. The verdict is clear - we are a church that is HUNGRY for more. I absolutely LOVE that. So let me share a few ways we intend to help us supplement our faith.   Read More
Vision Sunday (Part 1): Laying a Foundation
by Sean Gasperetti on August 29th, 2023
On August 27, 2023, I ( Sean) shared a long-format, significant message with our church family. Kara (my wife) and I, our team, we’ve all felt a shift, and Sunday gave us fresh language for it. The content I shared marks a significant transition in our church's of those Sundays I’ll never forget.  Read More