What are Reach's beliefs?

We are a gospel-centered community that celebrates the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You can also read our belief statement to learn more about what we believe. We also affirm the historic Nicene Creed and feel closely aligned with the beliefs outlined in The Lausanne Covenant.

Is Reach part of a denomination? 

Reach is an independant/non-denominational church. We're not opposed to denominations, we just don't happen to belong to one. We do, however, belong to a family of churches, which is a fancy way of saying a "network" we helped start. Reach Kirkland, Reach New Castle (PA), and Reach Everett all share the same name, mission, vision, and values, but are empowered to creatively engage our respective contexts with the Gospel. We each have our own local pastors, preachers and leaders, but we enjoy collaborating with one another when it makes sense to. Much like our sending church in Kirkland, we in Everett hope to send out plants of our own in due time.

How is money handled? 

All financial gifts are overseen and stewarded by a volunteer finance team. Day-to-day decision are made by church staff within a budgeted structure. Every receipt is accounted for and verified by a third party accounting firm.

What types of people belong to this church?

All kinds. Older, younger, singles, married people. Our desire is to be a church of the nations for the nations; being a big and diverse family is part of God's design.

Do you have members? 

We currently do not have a membership process, but we anticipate moving that direction in the future. Meanwhile, you can know you're "in" when you belong in a community, serve with your talent and time, and support the church financially.

What does Reach believe about women in leadership?

It turns out a lot of the best leaders are women. Our ladies are empowered to use their gifts, voice, wisdom, and courage. Some of our pastors are women, and sometimes women teach on the stage. Here's the caveat: the Bible is pretty clear about the leadership office of elder being intended for qualified men. We're comfortable with that tension, though we understand some may not be (You can read more on our position here and dive even deeper here).

Who are your church's leaders? 

Currently, we are supported by 4 elders in the Reach family of churches, 1 of them being our Lead Pastor. The other 3 elders are part of the team at Reach Kirkland, our sending church. Our desire is that in due time (as qualified men invest into our community and are properly vetted), we would have our own table of elders locally. For the time being, we are amply supported with encouragement, resources, and accountability from our sending church's elder table. The day-to-day of Reach is led by our Lead Pastor, staff, and volunteer leaders who lead ministries, build teams, and care for groups across the region.

Do you care about the environment?

Certainly. The earth is God's creation and our role is to be stewards who care for it with thoughtfulness, creativity, and compassion.

What Bible translation do you prefer?

There are a number of great translations that serve different purposes. At Reach, we've decided to use the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). A product of over 100 top, biblically-minded scholars from 17 denominations who have dedicated years to translate God’s Word, the result shines by academic standards and is remarkably enjoyable to read. For those who read the English Standard Version (ESV), it's strikingly similar. Learn more about the translation here.

Are you guys a bunch of politically-driven whackos?

No. You'll find people on both sides of the political aisle here. By and large, we're all trying to submit our preferences to Jesus and remained unified on Gospel issues rather than get lost in the political weeds.

What does your church believe about marriage?

The Bible is consistently clear that marriage is a covenant relationship instituted by God with 3 parties involved: a woman, a man, and God himself. Sexual activity is to only be practiced within a lifelong, covenantal, monogamous, heterosexual marriage.

How are LGBTQ+ people treated in your church?

With dignity, respect, and care. One might walk away feeling both welcomed and challenged - just as Jesus does with each of us - but our posture is never to shame or harm someone else.  Some of us are comfortable talking about this topic and some of us are stretched by it. Everyone is invited to encounter and follow Jesus, and we feel honored when such friends take us up on that invitation.

Do you believe in all the weird stuff I've heard about in churches?

We definitely believe in the stuff of the Bible. For example, we don't just believe Jesus was a good teacher, we believe that he's the Son of God, lived a sinless life, died to pay an eternal debt for all our sin, rose to new life in God's power, and will return again to this earth. Churches without weird things are confusing.

I'm skeptical about Christianity. Am I still welcome?

Absolutely. Ask questions, use your intelligence, enjoy the moment. If you've felt out of place in "emotional" church settings before, please know you're not alone, and your perspective is valued here.

Are you a Spirit church or a Bible church?

Yes! We're often trying to follow Jesus' example of being both/and (not either/or). Jesus was both divine and human, and his life on earth was defined by both truth and grace, mercy and justice. That same spirit applies to much of our interpretation, preferences, and style. We need both the Bible to align us and the Spirit to guide us.

Got more questions? We're up for it! Shoot us an email at info@reacheverett.cc.