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Advent: Arrival, Return 

In this week's sermon, Pastor Sean delves into the various facets of hope as depicted in the Bible. Hope is more than just a fleeting desire—it's a patient waiting, an anticipation filled with tension. in this sermon, we will explore why our hope often falters. From misplaced trust in people and circumstances to the pitfalls of self-reliance, Pastor Sean navigates through common stumbling blocks and Psalm 130 serves as a guide, reminding us that true hope is found in waiting on the Lord. 

Be the Church,
Reach the City.

In 2017, one family and a handful of friends asked the question, "What would it look like to leverage our lives for Jesus like never before?" The gut-level response was to start a simple, Gospel-centered church that served Everett and the surrounding area. A church where both believers and skeptics could find their true identities as God's kids. A church where the imperfect might find a seat at God's table. A church for folks like us. Join us as we take steps towards Jesus, because steps like that are always worth taking.


Connect relationally and grow spiritually. Life is simply better together.

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