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O U R  S T O R Y

Everyone's got a story. Here's a bit of ours.

How it all started...

It all began when one family and a handful of friends asked the question, "What would it look like to leverage our lives for Jesus like never before?" The gut-level response was to start a simple, Gospel-centered church that served Everett and the surrounding area. Having been called and equipped to plant by Reach Church in Kirkland, WA, Pastor Sean Gasperetti and co. started their journey to reflect the mission they had adopted from their sending community.

We started gathering on Sunday nights in September 2017 in a side room at Foundation Church in Downtown Everett. It was unplugged, unimpressive, and unbelievably beautiful. Friends and strangers gathered for the next 6 months to worship Jesus, study the Bible, and build community in simple environments.

The Grand Opening.

Not long after, we approached the Everett School District asking how we could be a blessing to schools. Unexpectedly, the school district blessed us instead by offering use of View Ridge Elementary for Sunday morning gatherings. We jumped at the opportunity and "officially" launched on Easter 2018.

For the next 2 years, we were a mobile church that met in a school cafeteria. Our church grew, we added a couple staff members, and we continued building a community that lived like a family. We did service projects together, celebrated holidays, formed new groups, and ate a LOT of street tacos (we've got a couple great chefs in our midst). It was a beautiful season together - one we'll cherish for a long time.

A place to call home.

At the beginning of 2020, our friends at Foundation Church approached us with an idea. After weathering a difficult season themselves, their elders felt their church was moving towards a conclusion. An idea was floated for Reach to "adopt" Foundation Church - families and building - affording Reach the opportunity to gather in a permanent, downtown Everett home.

After many conversations and much prayer, we decided to accept the offer and relocated our church. Of course, this was 2020...the "pandemic" year that immediately thrust us into a livestream-only reality, making the adoption all the more interesting. It wouldn't be until September 2020 that we would open the doors to our new home, welcome new families, and begin a new chapter as a church in the city...and we haven't looked back!

We began with and continue to carry a particular calling: To be a church where both believers and skeptics could find their true identities as God's kids. A church where the imperfect might find a seat at God's table. A church for folks like us. Join us as we take steps towards Jesus, because every step towards Jesus is a step worth taking.