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C H U R C H  A S  F A M I L Y


We think church can feel like family. Groups help make that happen.

At Reach, we have a phrase that seems to guide us well: be the church, reach the city. We aspire to be a community that is constantly striving to live out those words together in everyday life. The primary place this plays out is in Groups — which are the very heartbeat of who we are and what we do. Simply put, Groups are followers of Jesus and their friends, learning to live like family for the good of their city. They meet throughout the region, gathering in homes, cafes, parks, and any other space where they can grow in their love for God, each other, and their city.

Groups at Reach consist of 3 distinct rhythms: Family Meals, DNA, and Mission.

Family Meals

Groups gather together to slow down and enjoy food, drink, laughter, and conversation around the table. It is in this rhythm where we invite others to watch the big game, to cook out, to have conversation or to share a meal. Here at the table, we are reminded that we are family because God has adopted us and invited us to his table.


Within every Group are people gathering in smaller settings to study the Bible, grow as friends, and pray for people in our lives. We call this DNA, and its purpose is to remind us of who we are in Jesus. Its  here we learn to respond to who God is and what He has done for us. DNAs provide the foundation for all we do, and their upward posture motivates us to be who God has called us to be.


Groups practice an outward posture together that focuses on being a part of God’s mission. We identify opportunities to connect with our neighbors, serve our communities, and show compassion for those in need. Here we remember that Jesus was sent to serve us, and because of this, we respond and serve others on his behalf. We experience more joy than we thought possible as we step out to love our city well.

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