Our small friends aren’t just the church of tomorrow. As part of our family, they are the church right now. We can learn from them, protect them, befriend them, and enjoy Jesus together. It’s our job and privilege to humbly serve them well. We've got a few main goals in light of all of this: 


Jesus cherishes children and so do we. The most loving way we can serve your children is to tell them about His story in a fun place that speaks to them in a way they understand. Whether we sing songs, tell a Bible story, or simply let them discover a new favorite toy, Reach Kids is joyfully committed to cultivating a Gospel led environment.


Getting to church with kids can be hectic. We get that. So we want to provide a safe place for your children to be taken care of while you connect. Since all of our volunteers have been extensively background checked, parents can enjoy the gathering with the ability to focus on worship, be in community, and learn about the Gospel.


Jesus is fun. He created the world and all the good things in it for us to enjoy. Reach Kids desires to be an extension of that creation by establishing a baseline for Sunday mornings as an enjoyable place to be. Kids have energy and need fun ways to get it out, our goal is to provide that.

Current Open Classes: 
Walking 1's
2-3 yrs.
K - 2nd Grade
3rd - 6th Grade
(A mother's lounge is available for those with children under 1 year old. Feel free to visit the Welcome Bar for directions if you're unsure where it's located).

Recent Lessons

Need help talking about salvation with your kids? Download a brief primer here.

If you’d like more information about Reach Kids, email the Kids Team.