Note on COVID-19 precautions: 

We're doing our best to provide a safe, non-stressful space for anyone to worship God and connect with community. Please self-screen prior to the service for any symptoms of COVID-19 (or other highly contagious illnesses). If you're symptomatic or sick, please join us online rather than on-site. Please wear a face covering while in the building and be mindful of the boundaries of others. The facility is sanitized prior to each service, and rows have been spaced out 6' from one another. We promise not to wear you out with pandemic talk should you choose to join us. :) 

What you can expect: 

A genuine welcome. Friendly people will greet you, help you find your way around, answer your questions, and aim to help you feel at home.

A place for kids. We have a safe, fun environment for kids (currently open for ages 2-6: more classes coming soon). Someone will help you get them checked in and make sure you know what to expect. Click here to learn more.

A cup of coffee. One of our volunteers will gladly serve you a free cup of coffee upon arrival. We are proud to serve Velton's Coffee at Reach! #supportlocal

A time of music and prayer. We’ll sing a few songs as part of our response to all God has done for us. Whether you like to ponder the words or belt it with gusto, feel free to engage however you're most comfortable.

A message from the Bible. One of our leaders will read from the Bible, unpack some context, share some stories, and suggest we can apply it to our lives. In these moments, we’ll ask God to teach us more about Himself and what it looks like to follow Jesus. We’ll close this time up with communion and a song or two.

An invite to take a next step. Whether that’s connecting with people who live in your neighborhood, finding a place to serve, or just coming back next week, we’ll make sure you know all the doors that will be wide open for you.