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Growing in Spiritual Maturity

August 13 | DNA Guide

Be Real Together:

Take a few minutes to catch up, tell stories, and laugh together. Trust and friendship take time to build. If you’re launching a new DNA, one person should tell their story — what do we need to know about you? Next week, have another person in your DNA share their story.

Read Together: 2 Corinthians 12:9 CSB

The One Question:
Ask this question at your family meal or DNA.

This week, we continued on in our Big Family series and heard from Mary Butler! Mary is a longtime leader for Toys for Tots and a woman whose faithfulness to Christ is so evident in everything she does.
If you listened to the interview this week, what was your key takeaway from the Q+A with Mary? If not, what has stood out to you from the Big Family series so far?

Grow Together:
Use these questions to go deeper with your DNA or for personal study.

Pastor Sean interviewed Mary and asked questions based on these three main pillars:
  1. How do we grow in spiritual maturity?
  2. How do we stay faithful to what God calls us, even though adversity/hardship?
  3. How do we foster a diverse community that actually feels like the family of God?

  1. When talking about her own walk with spiritual maturity, Mary said we need to understand who He is, who we are through Him, and what our calling is through Him. She also made mention of how important it is to live a life of prayer when growing in spiritual maturity. “You have to know when Jesus is speaking to you or the world is.” Share a personal experience or lesson that significantly contributed to your personal growth.
    Read: Revelation 12:11, Romans 5:1-5
  2. Mary shared that she, like all of us, has had many times of trials while walking with the Lord. When speaking on needing rest during these times, she said “It is okay to take a break if you are feeling burnt out, but we need to make sure we are not taking a break from Christ.” Describe a time when you faced adversity and how your faith helped you persevere.
    Read: Matthew 25:19-21, Matthew 25:34-40
  3. This series is called “Big Family” because our hope is to highlight how the family of God isn’t limited to one preacher, or one congregation, but is filled with people who have rallied around the central and key tenants of the Christian faith and can be a blessing to one another. We want Reach to be a place where people of all ages, male and female, any and every ethnicity / skin color / nationality, can come and feel welcomed, safe, and excited to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Share a story of how you've witnessed a diverse group of individuals coming together and experiencing a sense of family within the Church.
    Read: Genesis 1:25-27, Romans 5:8

Pray Together:

Take time to pray with and for each other.

Deeper Study: