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Genuine Faith

July 16 | DNA Guide

Be Real Together:

Take a few minutes to catch up, tell stories, and laugh together. Trust and friendship take time to build. If you’re launching a new DNA, one person should tell their story — what do we need to know about you? Next week, have another person in your DNA share their story.

Read Together: Matthew 7:13-23 CSB

The One Question:
Ask this question at your family meal or DNA.

In addition to the promise of salvation, what are some other reasons you have chosen to follow Jesus on the narrow road?

Grow Together:
Use these questions to go deeper with your DNA or for personal study.

  1. What is a moment or circumstance in your life where you’ve made an active decision to take the narrow road vs going along with everyone else? What were the convictions that gave you courage to choose the narrow road? 
  2. In Matthew 7, Jesus tells us that narrow is the way that leads to God’s Kingdom and that the road is difficult. Yet elsewhere in Matthew (Ch 11), Jesus tells us that his yoke is easy and comes with the blessing of rest for our souls. What are areas of your life where you’ve experienced the blessing of Jesus' yoke and rest for your soul in your discipleship with him along the narrow road?
  3. Discuss the three ways to test and assess the fruit (v15-20) remembering that ultimately false prophets add to the Bible, subtract from the person and work of Christ, multiply the requirements for salvation, and divide the people of God by a divisive spirit: 
    • Pay attention to the teacher’s manner of living – do they show righteousness, humility, and faithfulness in how they live? 
    • Pay attention to the content of their teaching – does the content of their teaching align with established Christian doctrine/orthodoxy in an orderly, rational, and coherent manner?
    • Pay attention to the effect of their teaching – are the listeners growing in their faith in Jesus and spiritual formation, or are they just being entertained and eventually falling away?
  4. In v21-23, who are those Jesus says will enter the kingdom of heaven? Refer to John 6:28-29 for what is required to do the will of the Father.

Pray Together:

Take time to pray with and for each other.

Deeper Study: